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Interior Designing is the art and science of making a space aesthetically useful for its intended purpose. In simple words, it it makes your interiors beautiful and functional. And an Interior designer is the one who does this job. Take your living room, for example. The perfect interior will make sure you get compliments for its looks. And thanks to its thoughtful design, you will only be happy to entertain your guests in it.

Of course, since it is both an art and a science, you should make sure you know those bits before you start with it! Or better still, hire an interior designer who will do it for you. This designer will make sure what exactly you want your space to be and will make it happen.

Well, do you have it in you to be an interior designer? Great! Don’t search further, just read on. This blog will help you to know more about the career, salary, scope, qualifications and other details of interior design.

Interior design career

Interior designer has a very important role to play in today’s world. How we live greatly influences what we become. And so, our homes need to have that edge in them. Also, equally important are places like offices where we spend considerable active hours of our day. Or the malls/arcades that account for your weekend binges. Wait, don’t forget your vacation trips and those luxurious resorts. Who designs them? So here you get an idea about the career graph of an interior designer.

The need of the hour is to preserve nature when you design anything and everything. And if you get the correct training and exposure, you can be a successful and much-in demand interior designer.

Therefore, you can confidently pursue interior design. So the next question that strikes you is how to become an interior designer?  At present, there are many courses and programs available to study interior design. Simply click on interior design course to know more.

Interior designer salary

Interior designer salary depends on many factors. To begin with, the type of work(residential/ commercial/ institutional/ hospitality etc.) is one. Another is the method you choose to calculate your fees. And then the size of the work, location, your role(freelance/ employed in a designated post), nature of work ( interior design/ space planning/ interior decorating/ furniture and furnishings only etc.) also contribute to the decision of your income.

Typically, as a fresher when you work in a design or architecture firm, your salary may be Rs 10,000/- to Rs 15,000/- per month. After two-three years, you can expect Rs 25,000/- to Rs 30,000/- per month depending on your post and firm. Almost all designers undertake extra freelance works which give them additional income and exposure. So in a nutshell, you stand to earn as much as you want to!

You may join as a 3D visualizer, AutoCAD drafts-person or a Site-supervisor. The type of interior design job you select is generally according to your interests. And when you improve with time, you can become a senior interior designer in a firm.

You can be an entrepreneur in any related area of your choice. There are many interior designers who open their own studios in fields like product design, furniture design, lighting, kitchen design etc.

Interior designer qualification

It is a known fact that any person who has a knack for interiors and design can be successful in the field without any formal education. Yet, there are many,many advantages that the formal interior designer qualifications give you. And the basic one is an academic recognition. An interior design degree or diploma makes you eligible to apply for many posts in the design field. Furthermore, you can also go for higher studies in design branches. Also, you can learn the technical parts only if you study Interior design from a good college.

Interior design jobs are constantly on the rise. These days, the building and construction fields are fast expanding. So you can select from a wide variety of job offers. The many options are: work in a studio, supervise a site, focus on interiors only, become a space planner, become a color consultant, manage projects or undertake interior contracts on the whole.

You have a lot to choose from, when it comes to jobs in interior design.

What does an interior designer do?

The duty of interior designer depends on the post he/she holds in a company. So as a Draftsman, you create detailed working drawings like plan layout. And if you are a 3D Visualizer, then you work in software that creates realistic images for clients. The workers then replicate these images on site. Sounds exciting, right?!

The interior designer’s responsibility in the site is to supervise everything that goes on in there. And that includes the materials, labor issues, site conditions..everything.

Well, if you are a Project Manager, you are literally running the whole show! Weekly meetings, regular client updates.. you make a lot of teamwork happen! In short, you can be a

  1. 3D Visualizer
  2. Draftsman
  3. Color Consultant
  4. Product designer
  5. Furniture designer
  6. Freelance designer
  7. Lighting/Kitchen design consultant etc.

Interior designing course details

There are many Interior designing courses  to choose from- right from a short term vocational course, to a one year diploma course and a three year graduate level course. Interior design can make you go beyond yourself. There is so much creativity and passion in it that you tend to celebrate your works. Each work is a new chance to make something new!

To make this happen, a lot depends on you! So, select a good place to study interior design. A place that gives you knowledge and pushes you to explore your design senses. To know more, visit vismayam college of art media

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