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In our previous posts on interior designing course, we discussed on different aspects of the courses and colleges like things to consider when choosing an interior designing course or college, must have features of an interior designing college, and top reasons for why you should take interior designing as your career choice. You can check these posts in our blog. In this article we deal with some steps to become a successful interior designer.      

We will discuss about five major steps to shine as a leading interior designer. They are; 1) getting a degree in interior designing course, 2) having strong practical knowledge in the field, 3) building a strong portfolio, 4) finding a job, and 5) growing your network. Before moving to the steps, let’s look who can study an interior designing course and become an interior designer.

Who can study an interior designing course?

Interior designing course deals with the studies on designing the interior of living and working spaces. There will be many areas of specialization in an interior designing course. If you have been appreciated for arranging your room or designing a space with right furniture, colours, and lightings then a career in interior designing can be right for you.

Studying an interior designing course requires creativity, imagination, an artistic approach to the things, communication skills, coordination and management abilities, and business and marketing skills. Originality of ideas and innovations in designs are two critical factors if you really want to shine in the profession. If you are confident of these skills and abilities, then you can definitely pursue an interior designing course and become a successful interior designer.  

Five steps to become an interior designer

One: Study an interior designing course

Thought a formal education is not a must, most of the top interior design firms hire people who have a bachelors or master degree in interior design. A degree in the specific field is preferred. Interior designing course is offered by numerous reputed institutions all over India.

Students who have passed or about to appear in the qualifying Plus Two standard (Higher Secondary) exam are eligible to take up an interior designing course. So, in order to increase your chances of being recruited by the top companies, make sure you take formal education.

Two: Gain practical knowledge

Just studying an interior designing course is not enough to become a successful interior designer. While interior design is a field of fierce and intense competition, having a strong practical knowledge is a must to shine and even exist in the field.   

Though an interior designing course will help you enhance your skills and abilities and learn all the theoretical concepts, make sure you also learn to transform that theoretical knowledge into practice. Working on projects, getting internships in big companies and volunteering for different organizations during the course will help to increase your practical skill.

Three: Build a strong portfolio

Displaying high-quality examples of your works and projects compiled in a professional, well-organized portfolio will be crucial to starting your career as an interior designer. In your interior designing course you will get guidance from your instructors on creating a nice portfolio.

A well-built portfolio will not only help top employers to see the quality of your work and projects you completed but will also give you a chance to show off your creative skills and abilities. Make sure that you keep quality photographs of all of your works and projects to compile them in your portfolio.   

Four: Find a job

Having a strong portfolio in your hand, now it is the turn to find a right job. As we mentioned, holding a degree in interior designing course alone will not help you find a job in the field. Currently there is a need for 100000 interior designers in India alone. The industry is growing at a rate of 20% and is expected to do so until 2018. So, you just need to knock the door until it opens.

Competition is high, so a high paying, professional job may not be easy to find. Start with small projects. If you are skilled, bigger one will come in your way. Again we say, just study of interior designing course will not bring you the job.

Five: Grow your network     

This is very important for the success in your career as an interior designer. While the college where you study interior designing course gives you knowledge, strength of your network gives you projects and brings you money. While in college, take advantage of career services to search for jobs and connect with alumni in the field.      

Let the neighbors, friends, family, community organizations, businesses, contractors, manufacturers, and builders know your skills and services using all possible different effective strategies. This will help you get their projects and establish yourself as a brand.

So, all start with pursuing an interior designing course and polishing your designing skills and marketing abilities. Always keep in mind, practice is the key and network is the door.    


If you are reading this article, we guess, you must be looking for an interior designing college in Calicut. Okay, there are a few interior designing colleges in Calicut. Since the city is easily accessible from any corner of the state and is becoming a hub of all kind of educational institutions offering affordable and quality courses, students have started preferring it more than many other well-known cities in the state.     

As there are a few, choosing a right interior designing college in Calicut is not a risky task for students who want pursue an interior designing course in the city. In this post, we give you five easy tips to choose an interior designing college in Calicut. After that, let’s look why Calicut is an interesting destination for students to continue their studies.  

Tips to Choose an Interior designing College in Calicut

Do your research: This is the first step to take before you choose an interior designing college in Calicut. Don’t just choose a college primarily because someone said it was good. Research every college in the city by looking into their websites, studying brochures, and checking the services they offer.   
Take a visit: Taking a visit to the colleges you wish to choose will help you check whether the facilities and services shown in the websites or brochures are really available or not. You can also get an idea of what the college is like, how big the classes are, and what the dorms look like.  
Talk with students and alumni: This is another great tip to choose an interior designing college in Calicut. Talk with current students and alumni and ask about what to expect from the college.   
Meet the instructors: This is the fourth tip to choose an interior designing college in Calicut. This is important to know what the college has to offer for you. With the programs you consider, talk to the head of the department which you plan on studying with.  It will also help you get a better view of the kinds of things you will be studying in the program.
Compare the colleges: After doing your research, taking a visit, talking with current students and alumni, and meeting the instructors, compare all colleges with one another. This will you give a clear insight to go for the right interior designing college in Calicut.  

Why Choosing an Interior Designing College in Calicut Can Be So Interesting?  

If you are looking for an interior designing college in any city of the state, we would say, Calicut could be an interesting choice. Look what reasons do we have to opine so. Choosing an interior designing college in Calicut is fascinating for the following things;

Food: Calicut is famous for its wide varieties of food and attracts people by this reason from all over the state. Streets of the city are always flavoured with the scent of Biriyani. There is even a Calicut brand for Halwa, a sweet prepared from flour, sugar and the flavour. Pazham nirachathu, deep-fried banana pieces stuffed with coconut and sugar, is the most sough-out snack item. Chatti pathiri, a sweet, layered pastry stuffed with raisins, nuts and fruits, is another favourite. It is never easy to fill the taste of Calicut in one paragraph. Great reason to choose your interior designing college in Calicut, eh?    

Shopping: Calicut is also well-known for shopping.  Mittayitheruvu or SM Street is the busiest street in Calicut where you can buy textile and garment items for very cheap price. Calicut is a shopping hub of spice and handicrafts as sell. You will love studying in an interior designing college in Calicut where you can see shopping malls wherever you look.  

Calicut beach: Calicut beach is located very near to the town which is why this beach is famous among tourists as well as local people. This is the place where you can find the full city crowding during the major festival days. People flock in large numbers to view the sunset from the beach. Any interior designing college in Calicut that you opt for must be near to the beach.

People: The people of Calicut are so kind and generous.  The chances of anyone being cheated by auto rickshaw drivers, vendors and locals are very very rare. Auto rickshaw drivers of the city are famous for their honesty. You will definitely feel home learning in an interior designing college in Calicut.      

Quality of the education: Above all, this is the most important reason for why choosing an interior designing college in Calicut is a great thing. Almost all colleges and institutes in the city are trusted by the students for the quality of education they are offering.

In short, there are things to consider before going for an interior designing college in Calicut though it is a better move for many reasons.  

How To Choose A Perfect Interior Design College?

Choosing a perfect interior designing college needs careful thought and proper planning. Once you have realized that your aptitude is in interior designing and wish to pursue a career in it, the one question you may probably ask yourself is ‘what interior designing college should I go? What college is right for me?’

Looking for a best interior designing college in the country, I would say, is a quite difficult task. There are hundreds of such colleges which offer different courses in interior designing from diploma to post graduation. It is not easy to choose a best among them.   

To find a right interior designing college that will truly make you happy, you have to make a clear picture on what components will make up the most fulfilling interior designing college experience based on your background, interests, and career.

10 features to consider when choosing an interior designing college

This article covers 10 features you should consider when choosing an interior designing college. These include cost, faculties, facilities and services, affiliation, hands-on live projects, environment, research and internship, grants and assistance, clubs and activities, and career services.  


This is the first thing to consider when you go for an interior designing college. It doesn’t matter how great a college is if you can’t pay for it. Many colleges can be prohibitively expensive. Compare the total cost with what the college is really offering. Some colleges can be expensive with the rich services they provide for the students.  


This is another important aspect you must give thought to when looking for a right interior designing college. A college never become great without committed, efficient and effective faculties. You can look at the faculties’ academic profiles, works they have done and their expertise in the field of interior designing. To know how effective they are in instruction and cooperative in studies, you may talk to the students studying in the college you are opting for.     

Facilities and services

Looking at the facilities and services provided you can choose a right interior designing college. The strength of the services offered and efficiency of the facilities provided speaks the power of the vision and mission set by the college. It means that they are serious in their work. A best interior designing college will have best facilities and services.   

Facilities in an interior designing college include classroom technologies, high-end labs, advanced studios, research and reference library, seminar halls, galleries, etc. The services are aimed at helping student community by providing all possible assistance they need.  

Global affiliations

An institute’s academic affiliation with well-known national and international interior design institutes and bodies indicates its standard and quality. So, when you choose an interior designing college, it is better to check how much reputed and recognized it is in national and international level.   

Hands-on live projects

The quality of a best interior designing college lies in making students create, invent, and produce new knowledge in the field of interior designing. Since this field is a world of possibilities and the trends are changing continuously, a best college must equip students with advanced knowledge and technology, and make them handle biggest projects. Check with the college you prefer if it is making students do hands-on live projects and practical assignments.       


Academic and non-academic environment is a critical factor when choosing an interior designing college. There are a lot of colleges functioning without even basic facilities and infrastructure that an interior designing college must possess. Their only motive is making money rather than providing students with proper guidance and instruction.

An interior designing college must have an ambience and atmosphere built with right design where students are constantly inspired to learn and produce.       

Research and internship

You may think that what the role of research is in an interior designing college. Then, for your information, research and development is getting a big space in interior design like any other discipline.

Ask these questions when you consider an interior designing college; does it support students to assist faculties with their research, does it have funds to support independent undergraduate research, and has the college fostered relationships with companies and organizations to help students get meaningful summer internships? If the answer you get is YES, then you may go for it.

Grants and assistance

Many colleges provide good grants and assistance as financial aid for students while many other don’t. If you are coming from a poor financial background, you must consider this factor. It will be better to choose an interior designing college which offer good financial aids on merit basis.   

Clubs and activities

This is also an important aspect to consider while choosing an interior designing college. Clubs and activities in an interior designing college are important because active participation in them enables students embody with some must have skills and potentials.

Most colleges will have listings of their student clubs and organizations online, so if you think you’re interested in a college, you should check out the offerings.

Strong career services

Career training and service is one of the most important things to check with while looking for an interior designing college. Most students go to college with the hope of either getting into a good graduate program or landing an appealing job upon graduation. Look for what help and guidance does the college provide as you apply for jobs, internships and graduate study.

Choosing an interior designing course can be a life changing decision you make because, interior design is a fascinating career choice today. It is a creative and challenging profession that you will never get bored with. Since a global increase is seen in the population and scarcity of space, designing a space with limited resources is what people are reflecting upon. Studying an interior designing course will enable you to help these people.
In this post we discuss about top reasons for why you should go for an interior designing course. But, before that, you should know whether you have an aptitude in interior designing or not. For that purpose you may consult with an expert career counselor.

Top 7 Reasons For Choosing An Interior Designing Course

Promising opportunities

Choosing an interior designing course will open the door of tremendous career opportunities in front of you. According to latest statistics, there is a grave scarcity of interior designers in India. Latest surveys reports find that career opportunities for interior designers in India are expected to grow up to 19% – 20% by 2018.
There is a huge and growing demand for interior designers in every industry. The increasing construction projects in urban and rural areas are good signs for them. Hence, if you are planning to pursue an interior designing course, I would say you are in the right time to shine.

Creativity, imagination, and innovation

If you believe that you have a creative, futuristic, imaginative, and artistic approach to the things around you, then you can definitely think of interior designing as a career path. Taking an interior designing course will help you professionalize your creative skills.
Choosing an interior designing course and working in the same field will provide you with immense possibilities to express yourself creatively, use maximum of your imagination, and propose innovative ideas in design on a regular basis. More creative, imaginative, and innovative you become, more project will come on your way.

Engaging and challenging projects

Each project you are taking as an interior designer will be engaging and challenging. It will test your creativity, technical skills, patience, commitment and the relationship with your clients. Since interior designing is an active profession you will never get bored with it. By taking an interior designing course you become equipped to face all these challenges you may face in the field.
One of the main challenges for interior designers is to achieve client goals on time, under budget and up to the expectation. Dealing with this challenge will give you great opportunities to develop a bond with the society. Therefore, opting for an interior designing course is more than a just profession.

Making a difference and positive change

Choosing an interior designing course can be also perceived as a choosing to make a difference and a positive change in the world we live in. Interior designers can make impact on the lives of people in a given environment. Think of a project merely designed to house downtrodden or impoverished segment of the society. There, you act as a cause to make a change in the way they live by designing an affordable lodging project.
Studying interior designing course for not just a job but for being a catalyst of positive change will offer you a profession full of satisfaction.

Potential for entrepreneurship

As we mentioned, the construction industry is growing rapidly in rural and urban sectors alike. This unending possibility of growth gives interior designers huge potential for entrepreneurship. So, by taking interior designing course you can dream of bright future as an independent entrepreneur.
If you are opting to go out on your own, working as an independent interior designer and setting up your own firm, then you could enjoy the freedom of being your own boss. Hence, choosing an interior designing course becomes a smart career move.

Huge enriching exposure

This is another great reason for choosing an interior designing course. As an interior designer you work together with a lot of people with expertise in different industries. This will provide you with huge exposure to different areas of skills and knowledge and different kinds of people from architects, engineers, business owners, labors, clients, etc. Thus, pursuing an interior designing course opens many doors of discovery and exploration.

Diverse sectors and industries

This is a fascinating reason for why you should opt for an interior designing course. As an interior designer you get chances to work in diverse sectors and varieties of industries. This variety may include homes, offices, restaurants, education sector, health industry, public spaces, library, religious spaces like masjid, temple, and churches, resorts, galleries and museums, etc.
All these industries are functioning with different goals, requirements, tastes, and budgets. Imagine how much diverse it will be. You will not get this incredible benefit of pursuing an interior designing course with any other course.
To sum up, opting for an interior designing course is a right move for many convincing reasons. If you are planning to do it, do it now but with a clear vision.