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What is post production?

The final step in any video filming is POST PRODUCTION. It is usually the stage which comes up after video filming and recording. The raw videos are given proper finishing touches in this post production step.

There are various stages in POST PRODUCTION which are stated below;

  1. A simple proper editing format.
  2. A picture editor to edit important scenes
  3.  A sound editor to get proper music, background music and son mixes.
  4. Proper re recording to give continuity.
  5. Proper musical effects
  6. Titles to play in initial stage
  7. A digital cinema package to play in theatres
  8. Create a sub title script
  9. Creating a trailer which runs in seconds explaining the whole video story

These are just few important stages. The post production involves lot more.


The main courses covered in Post production are Visual effects, Adobe, Image Editing, Linear non linear editing, Audio Designing, digital painting,  video file formatting,  Motion graphics,  2d and 3s graphics,  animation using Adobe Flash and many more.

It totally depends on the student on what course and which institute he/ she chooses.


Vismayam offers a rewarding DIPLOMA PROGRAM IN POST PRODUCTION.  Trained staff with in-depth knowledge in the field has been recruited to guide and pave way for a bright future of the students.

A specialized course in Sound and video editing is also given. Students are allowed to experiment and get their creativity flowing.

Guests are also invited to address the students in their respective fields.  By the end of the course the student is able to handle the post production with full zeal and confidence which also helps him to be successful in his job.

On completing the course, the student is guided to acquire a job matching his skills and arrangement for campus interview is done.

There are various institutions which offer POST PRODUCTION COURSES.  New techniques should be observed by the person in order to keep up with the trend.

It is always better to specialize in one post production format like VIDEO EDITING, SOUND EDITING, GRAPHIC, and ANIMATION etc. This will make the candidate a specialist in that respective field.

There is no special qualification required to join the post production course. A class 12 pass will be enough.  But in reputed institutions a under graduation or post graduation criteria should be met.

A specialized person as a fresher earns more than 10000 per month while an experienced candidate earns high packages.  He can work under banners and also be a freelancer in video editing, music editing, animation, sound mixing etc.