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What is Web Designing?

Web Design or Website Design is a collective effort of planning and creating of websites which need to be updated regularly. Web Design also included information regarding the structure, architecture, layout, navigation colors, contrast and images and fonts along with attractive designs.

Web Design courses allow student to trek in to various fields like GRAPHICS, DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY, DESIGNING BROWSERS AND other various platforms. Different coding programs like HTML, JAVA etc are also part of the curriculum.

There are various colleges and institutes which offer WEB DESIGNING COURSES. It is our capability to choose which institute offers updates courses. Staying updated always helps in creating more designs.

Web Design mostly includes WEB DEVELOPMENT also.  Web development is an area where content is developed in order to give in-depth details, customer liaison, script development, e commerce etc etc are all an integral part.  VISMAYAM’S WEB DESIGN COURSE


VISMAYAM multimedia Institute in Calicut offers one of the best Diplomas in Web Design courses with updated modules. Experienced and well trained teachers help the students to stay updated and pave way to explore their creativity. A well equipped Lab to build his creativity and a library to guide him is also open for the student.

On completion of the course, the student is provided with the golden opportunity of attending CAMPUS INTERVIEW. He is guided well and sent to one of the leading companies with immense knowledge and confidence.

There are diploma courses, under graduation and master’s degrees offered in Web Design by various colleges all over the world.

Students who have completed class 12 and qualified for degree courses can apply for the web design study.

It is always mandatory to follow and stay updated on current trends. Many trustworthy websites help you stay updated on it.


Today, the entire world is ruled by internet and websites. Hence a course in web design is always promising. In India, with growing IT and Software fields, Web Designing course is always rewarding.


As a web designer you can take up a job or consultant or set up your own company where you can undertake projects. All you have to do is stay updated on new modules and designs which will be in high demand.

A web designer on completion of the course doesn’t keep himself shelled into one field. He spreads his creativity wings into other areas of interest like advertising, publishing, audio-visual media, design studios, printers and typesetters, departments, marketing firms, educational institutions, UX Designer  and libraries.

Remuneration for a WEB DESIGNER

A fresh Web Designer can make 2-3 lakh per annum while an experienced Web Designer makes double or triple of it.


A web designer/developer is a person who is both technically and creatively involved in developing web designs. He is the main anchor while building a site. He is a person who is well versed in all aspects.

Website designing is considered to be a new kid on the block with great affinity towards the internet which helps in creating and gaining popularity. This has happened in a span of 10 years where the growth of internet has grown… The website development requirement has seen a rapid growth as people have started using internet as a medium of communication and information gathering.

A web designer’s main duty is to design web pages. He has a lot of mental work to do before commencing his work…

The most important is selecting the exact colors, font, layout and images which speaks volumes about a website. Apart from these, the website should be highly user friendly.


For example, if the website is for kids, the site should have lots of colors and pictures that would attract them. The language should be kept as simple as possible. To be precise, text should be less and images should do the talking and explanations there.

Same would not be the case of professional sites. Language should be very high and information should take the top spot there

The website designer should be in full control of the developing site. He should be well informed about the work he will be undertaking. He should also ensure that the site is very user friendly.

Web Designing Courses

Web Designing courses are available as full time and part time also. Specialization courses are also available. Choosing the best courses will pave way for a better career.

Career Opportunities in web designing

There are various opportunities for a website designer/developer as the demand for information seeking is growing. While beginners get 10000-15000 initially, experienced professional get paid handsomely. Google, facebook, yahoo etc pay their web designers huge packages.

Some web designers have their own companies where they have their freedom to work and take up projects. They also have the option to work from home.