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The student and faculty bodies have collaborated to form functional clubs within the college. They provide mentoring; organize academic and social activities besides extending support to both multimedia and Interior design students towards meeting their unique needs. The clubs and their functions are listed below

The Media club’s role is to engage with the media actively. The multimedia faculty assists the members in coordinating their activities and ensuring its smooth functioning these activities include

  • Developing communication
  • Tracking media habits & Preparing media time table
  • Running the college newspaper
  • Advertising activities related to multimedia
  • Establishing and maintaining radio channel for college
  • Maintaining media club news bulletin in board
  • Holding seminars and presentations basing multimedia related subjects.
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This club was designed with the intent of engaging interior design students to participate in activities outside the classroom and foster a professional culture among members. Some club members engage in a variety of activities like

  • Inviting Industry experts to talk on interior design subjects
  • having a constructive conversation among themselves about design improvement
  • organizing field trips to discover more of the interior design industry
  • Participating in competitions based on interior design and decoration.

Conducting internal interior design exhibitions to display self-made accessories, functional furniture prototypes, etc Visit gallery


The Student Council serves as a gathering place for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. An Elected student body council monitors the programmes and activities initiated by the students. The council and its variety of planned activities from an excellent form for drawing out the leadership skills from its young office bearers. The student council is constituted to take care of their calendar activities with presides planning and time bound action programmes for achieving objectives such


  • To train the students of the college in the duties, responsibilities, and a citizenship right.
  • To encourage the development of character leadership, competence, knowledge, and strength of service among the students,
  • To arrange debates, seminars, work squads, tours and similar other activities,
  • To encourage arts and sports activities
  • To promote educational, cultural and leisure activities
  • Launching and distribution of college magazine
  • To work for the general welfare of the student community.

Election of student body members and other related matters, its mode of operation, rules, regulations, and responsibilities are embodied in the bylaws of the student body council, a copy of which is available with the college office. Visit gallery


The college alumni formed in 2008 by a group of former students with the object of meeting once annually and sharing mutually useful information on career opportunities and other related titbits trending in the markets. Later, in2013, a new constitution was adopted with the chief objectives of maintaining a track o the progress made by members and promoting their social and cultural interest by meetings and through publications Visit gallery


The college declare technical and art related festival to enhance awareness among students every year. It is open to the public also to aware about the opportunities emerging in these areas. These events are a group venture with participations invited from the business community, university authorities, and prominent public personalities, Industry experts and students from the field of Interior design / Multimedia, faculty and management of Vismayam College.


Visarch-14 was one of Malabar’s first exclusive expo event organized by the Interior design students of Vismayam College.

It was their combined energy and enthusiasm that drove this project along to its successful conclusion. The main objective of running the event was to highlight the concept of interior designing among a wide cross section of the public like companies, consultants, architects, researchers & students who were invited to the event.


In 2007, the college invited to the design students of the region to participate in a digital exhibition conducted within the college premises. This creative effort is now an annual feature of the college activities. The digitally created art expressions help to bring out into the open true creative abilities from the young participants.  Visart is an activity promoted by the Multimedia club enhances of wide and sweeping reach among the discerning public. Visit gallery

The college pays tribute to all festivals in the region either by observing a holiday or by celebrating them with traditional fanfare. These functions play a major role in bringing harmony and the sense of camaraderie among the students and their families. Thiruvonam, Christmas and Eid-Ul-Fittar are celebrated with zest and spirit accompanied by a feast, that all inmates of the college and their families partake in Visit gallery