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Degree / Diploma in Multimedia / Interior design- award of certificates


After completing course duration (Degree / Diploma in Multimedia / Interior design), the student is required to complete the procedures for getting ‘no dues’ certificate for the award of certificates (Course completion certificate, Conduct certificate, Transfers certificate, etc) from the college.

Interior design course and Multimedia course - PTA meeting

PTA meeting

PTA meeting offers an opportunity for parents to obtain knowledge, to meet other parents and teachers and voice their opinions about college activities. A PTA (Parent Teacher association) is a joint venture between parents and Teachers of VCAM . They strive to enhance student learning attitude and enrich the lives of the students within the college.

Interior design course and Multimedia course - Interior Design studio

Design studio

Interior Design studio is equipped with specially designed drafting units, are conducting several open discussions between faculty and students on various topics related to interior design. Faculty give guidance to shape and develop ideas suggested by students with formal and informal assessments.

Interior design course and Multimedia course - uniform

College uniform

College uniform is compulsory for bachelor degree offered in interior design and Multimedia communication only, during college hours (Monday to Friday) and for all academic functions including all such occasion where students are expressive the College outside. Uniform and ID card are compulsory for the students to avail the permission inside the college campus. The student should wear and display his / her Identity card and produce it according to the query of authorities.

Interior design course and Multimedia course - course fee

course fee

Each course will be considered as deferent program of Vismayam College for separate certification. The fee details may be collected from and pay directly to the accountant separately.


Best Multimedia and Interior design centre / coursein kerala

Course fee


Changing a particular course after fee payment is not allowed.

Best Multimedia and Interior design centre in kerala_ fee payment

Course fees

Failure to pay the due amount of course fees would lead to the withdrawal of academic services extended to the students including disruption of classes and computer lab log in the facility. None payment of fee beyond a brief period of time allowed for late payment of fees would automatically lead to cancellation of candidates provisional admission and penalty of the fees already remitted.

Counter service is available from 9.00am to 12.45pm and from 1.30pm to 5.00pm. However, the office is normally staffed until 5.30pm on Monday to Friday, and urgent queries can be dealt with till these times if crucial.

At the beginning of an academic year for all new admissions and at the beginning of the third and fifth semester for the rest of the students. further, due dates will be announced by circular in classes well before the settlement day

The Academic Session for regular students (Except Diploma) shall comprise of two Semesters described below:
First Semester – June/July – October
Second Semester – November – March

A candidate who is enrolled to a Diploma/Degree in Interior design or Multimedia programme shall follow the lessons and academic content arranged in the approved syllabus over the prescribed course time.

1 Multimedia Communication + Project 16 months
2 Architectural Visualization +Project 10 months
3 Web Technology+ Project 8 months
4 Building Information Modelling 4 months
5 Graphic Designing  and Print Production+ Project 4 months
6 Post production Arts (Video editing and Special Effects)+ Project 4 months
7 3D Modelling Arts+ Project 4 months
8 Web Designing+ Project 4 months
9 Web Development+ Project 4  months
10 Architectural Visualization 6 months

A student might sometimes experience a ‘hold’ on the service that the college extends to him. He or she may determine the reason for such hold from the accounts office and proceed to clear them immediately. Such holds may either be financial – unpaid fees- or failure to produce documents in support of his claims or qualification.

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Monday to Saturday:
9:am to 1:30pm and 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm

# Courses under university of Calicut Duration Eligibility for Admission Intake
1 BMMC (Bachelor of Multimedia Communication) 3 years +2 or equivalent 40
2 B.I.D.( Bachelor of Interior Design) 3 years +2 or equivalent 30
3 DMA (Diploma In Multimedia And Animation) 1 year +2 or equivalent 24
4 D-Arch (Diploma in Architectural Visualization) 1 year +2 or equivalent 40
5 DIDV (Diploma in Interior Design & Visualization) 1 year +2 or equivalent 48
6 DWT (Diploma in Web Design and Development)* 1 year +2 or equivalent 24
7 DAT (Diploma in Advertising Technology)* 1 year +2 or equivalent 24

Each student is expected to be familiar with the general Information outlined in the rules and regulations placed on the notice board as well as the information pertaining to the Faculty or Department to which he / she is assigned. When in doubt, the students may consult the Heads of Department concerned (Department of Architecture/ Department of Multimedia), in writing, with a copy to the Director seeking relevant advice.