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A designer who creates user friendly designs for people is commonly termed as UX DESIGNER. They Enhance on customer satisfaction and make it more loyal in terms of usability, easy usage and customer satisfaction.

A UX Designer makes sure of all the communication between esteemed potential customers and their company they work for.

UX Design encompasses any and all interactions between a potential or active customer and a company. They concentrate on development and improvement quality between the customers and company.

They are always ready with testing and research process, development and prototypes, content for positive successful results.

UX Designer usually stresses on creating user friendly and easy usable and accessible designs. They make sure of perfect presentation and interactivity of the product created.

UX DESIGNERS have different roles and they are listed below;

information architect
interaction designer
usability tester
UX researcher or analyst
Visual designer.
While a fresher is bound to earn few thousands, experienced professionals will earn more than half a lakh. A proper under graduation degree and a supporting post graduation degree with some specialization courses will land a person he best job with best companies.

Their work timings are as usual except while finishing projects and meeting deadlines.  Professionals with their own companies usually work a part time UX DESIGNERS.