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Saturday, May 27th, 2017
workshop_on_arts_vismayam college_diploma_students_Interior_design_and_architecture_6

A workshop on applied arts was conducted in Vismayam College of art& Media by the renowned artist

Mrs.Radhika Ranjith for DID-OUM students on Mural Design, Fabric Design, Stained Glass, Block painting

and collage making in the month of May,2017. The workshop was planned spanning two days(5 th May &

6 th May,2017) incorporating maximum possible practical sessions.

The workshop began with basics of fabric painting. Creativity washed over the fixed fabric clothes,

resulting in spectacular patterns that were colored to liveliness by the students. The noon session

consisted of glass painting session which witnessed exquisite designs and rendering. At the end of the

day, students completed their respective work pieces.

workshop_on_arts_vismayam college_diploma_students_Interior_design_and_architecture_2

The second day of the workshop started with mural painting. Detailed motifs adorned the worksheets of

students, which were then carefully finished with mural color schemes. Gradually the session

progressed to collage making which provided a provoking brainstorming atmosphere. This resulted in

improved imagination which was further put to use in Block painting sessions. An interesting point was

the use of vegetables to shape as per the desired shape. Towards the end, students came out with

exquisite outputs that exhibited their talents. The workshop was concluded on a very positive and

thankful note by Vismayam Students.

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