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Jbm-kitchen modular-cabinet manufacturing site visit

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

A site visit was conducted on 5th october 2017 for bid5th sem and Ipd 2nd sem students, to Jbm factory, a kitchen modular-cabinet manufacturing site at aikarspadi, malappuram. The students were accompanied by Ar.Abhishek Sanker, guest faculty. The company CEo Mr.M a john explained in detail the process of manufacturing cabinets. The students observed the various steps and techniques involved in kitchen cabinet manufacturing, such as dimensioning core materials, applying proper joineries, assembling each unit and the various finishes provided to such cabinets.  A model cabinet assembling was explained to the students, the core material being plywood and having laminate finishes, by virtue of live factory demonstration. The students witnessed details such as banding, joining, hard-pressing the laminates and other related procedures. The company also deals with rubwood cabinets and a wide range of other finishes such as PU, melamine etc.  Students keenly observed the proceedings and were actively interacting with the host. It proved to an insightful visit for the students.