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Holistic education in classrooms- bringing on the health revolution

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Part of living a balanced life entails healthy living. You need to take good care of your body because that is the only place you’ve available to live in. Proper care of our physical form not only depends upon dietary measures but also on regular exercises and meditation that help maintain the immune system in excellent functioning order for long years to come.

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As the images posted here would indicate, the purpose of arriving at one’s health objective is derived through a series of light exercises performed in a ventilated area without any stress to the body. After light sweating the body tones up and a sense of rejuvenation permeates the whole being. The mind is immediately sharp and on alert. If deep breathing happens simultaneously then the restorative values deepen even further.

Meditative poses and remaining still for a few moments help in clearing up the cluttered mind and restores focus and a sense of tranquility to the one practicing these steps. Peace is possible.