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Landscape design: When you think of your dream home, the landscape has an important place in it. For example, think about a house that grabbed your attention when you passed by it. Most probably, it must have featured an exquisite landscape design. If you have plans to design your garden this year, read on. In 2018, landscape design is all about sustainability. Add glamour to your garden but not at the cost of our planet! This may sound tricky to you. But, fear not- this blog will help you out with seven tips to rock your garden.


Mother nature knows what’s the best vegetation for your soils. Follow her trends, to begin with! The naturally available plants and landscape elements are suitable to your local climate area. So it makes your work easier both on the aesthetics part as well as your budgeting. Local vegetation means low and easy maintenance with high yield. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that it is trending this year in landscape design arena.


It is a known fact that water crisis is an impending disaster. Thus, landscape designers are going for maximum permeability in their gardens. Every drop counts- and they are leaving no chance to ensure that their gardens are saving rain water. So, you can opt for permeable materials such as brick, gravel, grass pavers and stone. It makes your lanscape ‘breathe’ into a supporting ecological system. All thanks to the design sensibility!


This year, designers have taken indoor zones outside the house, into the gardens. When you start with your landscape design, try to make it an interactive area. Popular garden trends include informal seating area, play zones, dining area, walking pavements and so on.  Know the scope of your garden and what your family needs. And include it in your garden area.


Your urban dwelling may not have a huge clearance available. So, landscape design this year has experimented on making a multipurpose garden. Add features that can be made use of in different ways. You can have such furniture or structural feature, either ready made or custom-made. Talk to your designer about it.


Vegetable gardens have been around for quite sometime now. However, this year has seen a huge demand for such garden patches. And landscape designers understand the importance of healthy nutrition. They are going with the flow. This feature was a regular at residential gardens- but now, even hotels are seriously considering this concept. The kitchen garden is a treasure since it provides fresh supplies without any adulteration worries.


You can extend that homely feel to your garden by adding similar design touches. Get inspired from the plan layout. And use the influence for deciding the location of certain garden elements. That means, your home may contain points that offer visual connection to your garden. So use them in a way that your garden views makes you happy even from within your home! You can also opt for similar colour schemes or textures while deciding on vegetation. Also, you may consider furniture styling as well. Moreover, you can definitely add elegance by opting for landscape lighting. The present market has many economic options on offer. Depending on your choice and budget, go with it.


A small water body is a great feature to connect with nature. It can be as simple as a small water fountain or a sober swimming pool. Or, you can opt for a small man-made pond( By small, I mean as much as your garden allows!). Water is a great medium that adds vibrance and calmness all around it. And with its own set of flora and fauna, it adds a surreal charm to your home.

Gardens are a great way to connect with nature. A good landscape design reflects the owner’s taste and modern environmental sensibilities. Do your bit by indulging in sustainable gardens that make your home and this world a better place to live in.

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