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Zestaura ‘live wire’ event – season 2016/2017

Saturday, March 25th, 2017

The term Zestaura has always been an enigma, ever since it became synonymous with the Annual Day function celebrated by Vismayam College towards the end of each academic year. This ambiguity, however, has not deterred the participating crowd from reveling in the guaranteed entertainment value derived from the day long stage performances exhibited by the talented students. The youngsters simply use the opportunity to explore and display yet another facet of their multifarious personality before an appreciative audience.

Zestaura 2017 began on a sedate note in front of an expectant audience on the morning of 16th March at the Desaposhini Community Hall, Govindapuram. The Chief Guest for the day, Shri U.K. Kumaran, honored with the ‘Vayalar’ award for his literary work -Thaksham Kunnu Swaroopam, was gracious enough to inaugurate the program by lighting the traditional lamp.

The maiden solo dance performance of Ms. Ayesha Ridwana (BID final year) set the pace for the dynamic stage events that followed and it became obvious that the theme would be a musical one for Zestaura 2017. The MCs Subhash Chandran, Keerthana Sabarish (BMMC second year) and Faris Kandoth delighted the audience with their onstage presence and ensured uninterrupted action until close of program. There must have been close to thirty separate events, mostly by teams and at times performed individually that reflected careful choreography and evidence of long spells of practice sessions.

Serious academic study and discipline shape the learner’s career path but ‘Zestaura’ releases the spirit and opens up possibilities of the soul. View the images to find out how.