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The feminine side of victory – International women’s day 2017

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017
international women's day 2017

International women’s day 2017 – Our culture has consistently favored yang or masculine values and attitudes, and has neglected their complimentary yin, or feminine counterparts. We find the Chinese terminology of yin and yang very useful to describe this cultural imbalance. We have favored self-assertion over integration, analysis over synthesis, rational knowledge over intuitive wisdom, competition over cooperation and so on.

It’s been long since gender inequalities have been flung out of the window and we now perceive the modern woman shouldering responsibilities that were hitherto a male bastion. The blossoming of the women spirit has been gradual but a steady one casting aside one challenge after the other until the present moment that’s witnessing a surge of feminine power lighting up industry and economy with a masterful presence.

The Women Powered Team of Vismayam College, Calicut, take immense pride and joy in celebrating, with her International allies, the 103rd occasion of Women’s Day festivities as they set themselves up to blaze new trials in the Malabar region.

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