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Project ‘Invisible’ – launch date: 18 th / March/ 2017

Sunday, March 12th, 2017

The ‘Invisible’ Program originated from a sea of ideas floated by a group of Vismayam College Design

students – under the guidance of Shri Jayachandran (Sr. Faculty, Vismayam) – with the objective of

unearthing hidden abilities lying dormant within the self. The group believed that each person is a

treasure trove of invisible talent and creative possibilities just awaiting release or waiting to be found

out. This is definitely a great idea. An attempt to discover our greater selves, by ‘Ourselves’.

Graffiti art work (Location Tirur)

Initially the idea took some time to sink in and take form before it gathered momentum and clear ideas began to take shape. The ‘Invisible’ team sat down to discuss about their launch program on 11 th of March from Vismayam College. The preparatory session was conducted under the tutelage of Artist Shri Dayanandan and proved to be very insightful for the participants and mentor alike. It is intended for the Vismayam ‘Invisible’ team to collaborate with the Harithakeralam Mission, Tirur Muncipality, Gally Tirur and Team Tirur Associations.