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October 28th ushers in Animation Day number 15

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

Fun and gaiety, boundless enthusiasm and peak energy levels would sum up the morning of World Animation Day celebrations near M Square Complex, Pavamani road. All students, faculty and staff from Vismayam College had turned up at the college grounds in groups and independently too, awaiting the main program of the day – the ‘Move and Draw’ competion that was open to all public. The boundary walls near M Square complex had already been painted white with black borders and on one wall white cloth was stretched the whole length ending on the main road. Soon after 9 O’clock, the Principal, Smt. Nisha Ram, made a couple of strokes on the canvas inaugurating ‘Move and Draw’, followed by HOD, Mr. Hameed, Mr. Suresh (Gen. Manager) and each of the faculties thereafter completed the first cartoon image. Soon the empty white spaces began to fill up with spectacular art work that one’s imagination could come up with. Participants from all age groups poured out their creative abilities. It was a delight to watch happy six year olds losing themselves on canvas. Marvel comics heroes Batman, Superman, Ironman and Spiderman vied with one another for white space along with Daffy Duck, the Angry Birds, Tom and Jerry cartoon figures. As one moved forward the observer was also treated to great graffiti work and other imaginative art. Truly International Animation Day honors and appreciates the soul of creativity.

animation-day-2017 (1)
In the afternoon, the students, faculty and staff proceed to the Calicut beach in a disciplined procession through evening traffic. There was an exquisite band leading the group with boys and girls having painted their faces in Halloween characters and a few others in Mickey Mouse masks dancing to rhythmic music. The evening crowd at the Kozhikode beach were in for a surprise as the Vismayam procession halt after stepping on sand and suddenly a flash mob of twenty odd Vismayam students came out to put a delightful feet thumping dance performance. We learn later that Ms. Roshini, Design Faculty, had personally choreographed and prepared the team.