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Nata / Jee Seminar

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Keeping up with its reputation of being a premier Architecture Aptitude Training Centre in Kerala, Vismayam College organized a Career Counselling Seminar primarily for NATA /JEE aspirants on 31st May 2017 at Durbar Hall, Hotel Hyson Heritage, Calicut. The audience comprised of both NATA and JEE students and their guardians. The seminar was conducted in two sessions; the first part covered far and wide the career aspects of architecture as a profession whereas the second session focused on the importance of staying updated in the field of architectural visualization, especially in today’s digital era.
The first session of Seminar was presented by renowned architect Dr. Mohammad Firoz, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, NIT, Calicut. Beginning from the scratch of architectural history, Dr. Firoz slowly expanded his presentation to include the practice, career aspects, scope and essence of pursuing architecture as a profession. He successfully explained the options and steps to be taken to attain the desired level of architectural competency. His presentation also highlighted the current day statistics related to the profession, apart from clear demarcations between a civil engineer and an architect. The session was concluded by an interactive episode where students and their guardians expressed their doubts and Dr. Firoz answered their queries.

Further momentum to the seminar proceedings was provided by the second session on Architectural Visualization and its role in mainstream architecture. This session was presented by Mr. Suresh Kumar, the foremost NATA trainer in Kerala, having over 11 years of Architecture aptitude training. He introduced the concept of visualization in terms of architecture and showcased numerous exquisite examples of visualization applied to architectural presentations. The audience was exposed to the high level of digital influence on the construction industry and its effect on presentation outputs. The main highlights of the presentation were the impressive live examples of architectural and interior visualization works done by Vismayam Students. The floor was declared open for discussion soon after the presentation. After all the queries were addressed, the seminar was concluded on a hope that it proved meaningful and effective for the audience.