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Celebrating Vishishta ( 14th, March,2018

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

Human endeavors are different because each person is different as each is unique in temperament, character and behavior. At Vismayam our core activity remains bringing out this ‘special ‘quality lying dormant in each of us and Vishishta 2018 proved to be the perfect launching pad for this exercise.

The lush and spacious hall in ‘The Paramount Towers’ hotel, centrally located in Zamorin’s city, was the venue for the colorful program. The hall was artfully decorated and exuded a rich ambience matching up to the mood of the gathering audience. The program kick started at 9:30 AM, exactly on schedule, with the Principal walking up to the left-hand side of the brilliantly lit stage and signing on a white board. A similar board had also been placed on the right-hand side as members of management, administration and faculty lined up on each side to put their signatures as well. All staff and faculty then moved to the center of the stage and began to wave to the audience with strings of colored ribbon flying off their wrists. Truly a ‘Vishishta’ spectacle and a novel idea for inaugurating a function.

The anchors, Abhishek and Shah Rukh Khan, who came on stage had either practiced their lines well or were naturally abled to perform brilliantly and were successful in keeping the audience spellbound from start to finish. The performances that followed one after the other – whether solo, duets or in groups – appeared to be meticulously rehearsed and the costumes worn by the artistes were simply exquisite and a treat to the eyes.

The post break session began with a special drama treat choreographed and directed by Shri Faris Kandoth (media faculty) entitled ‘Manjakaran Thankachan) and performed by the media students. At half past 4:00 PM the chief guest of the day, Shri. V.K. Sreeram – movie personality, writer & speaker – arrived for the launch of our college magazine, Órey Benchil’. After his public address the program continued with great feet tapping music and nearly the whole hall appeared to transform into a stage for dancing. The entire day documented creative abilities on stage and definitely is a heartening trend and one can predict with accuracy that these young boys and girls are headed for places reserved for achievers only. This report cannot conclude without spotlighting the architect of ‘Vishishta’ and that’s none other than Shri. Subhash Chandran (Media dept.) who, it has been observed, is endowed with the rare trait of understanding human aspirations and bringing it out in the light.