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These days, your home is an extension of your design taste and preferences. And your designer takes great care when adding these details to your home. Of course, you can do that yourself! But your designer knows the trending interior design styles. And he/she combines that knowledge with your inputs to create that dream decor in your home.

It is always better to have a basic idea about different interiors out there. Well, think about it like this- when you buy a shirt, you browse through many. And you select one only when it suits best to your choices. Here, you need to know how to tell the difference between different shirts. The same goes with your interior.

So, this blog tells you about the common six different interior design styles that can help you to decide the best for you.


A traditional interior is made of different elements that reflect the cultural/traditional practices in a region. Many factors influence this style, such as local materials, art forms, climate patterns and age-old practices. In international design platforms, it refers to 18th & 19th century European Interiors. But in our country, all states have their own traditional interior design styles.



These interiors arrived when the early 19th century designers and architects were fed up of extravagant and wasteful designs. They developed a more simple and elegant style which the local people could also afford. This style moves away from traditional materials such as wood. It uses materials like glass, steel and leather. The color palette is quite soothing- white, black, grays and neutral tones.  You can observe how everything follows an order, a smooth line, in a modern interior. The design principle is ‘Less is more’.


This interior allows only a selected few basic things in its space. It tends to do away with all extra items. And that means, there is literally no scope of adding that favourite vase of yours, if it has no use in your interior! Thus, in a minimal bedroom, you can easily spot a bed and a humble wardrobe. And the dressing table,side table etc may either camouflage in the background or may show limited presence. Though it sounds easy going, it actually requires some clever planning on the designer’s part.



This is a safe bet if you want your interior to be simple like modern style,but with your personal choice of colours. An intresting point to note here is that the style changes with time. So this space may show the simple lines and flowing designs. Still, the grays, black and whites may move out to give way to earthy tones. Aand another feature that stands out is the presence of warm lights. Also, when it comes to materials,don’t have to stick with steel and glass. You are free to add other materials of your choice. And again, you can mix it with a regional influence ( aka traditional) or any period style.



Think about a warehouse. You may picture a big room mostly in brickwork, with supply pipes running across or along the cornices. You may notice a certain ruggedness about the place. And this feel is what this style is about. It adds that bold touch to a space. A lot of storage spaces are open shelves. Simple furniture and muted colors, mostly burnt siennas, are its trademarks. It may sound a bit off to you, but have a look at some of them. You will know why they are big.


This style has a certain charm.. a rugged look, but that ends up making it all the more cozy. We are talking about natural stones, wooden beams and posts, large and boxy wooden furniture, thick soft elements. Add a dash of neutral colors, white walls and matt metal accessories. At times, you may spot a faux animal hide. A fireplace is another piece of charm in it. It eludes a warm,homely feel.

For more rustic interior design inspiration

You can also find extension of  each style in the associated landscape of these houses. You can find a lot many other styles out there. In fact, you can also mix and match them with one of these, if that’s what your heart desires! After all, it is all about selecting the best from all types of interior design  styles, for your dream home.




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