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Like any other place in the world, Interior designers create the best space across Indian cities. Hence, the demand for interior designers has increased rapidly in many places. One such region is the tropical south of India. One such state is Kerala. When you design any interior, you should consider the local weather and resources. So, let us find out more about Interior design in Kerala.

The practice of Interior design dates back to Victorian era, when some of the very first designing took place. The reason was simple- a change. Even back then, the need was of decorating according to one’s own choice. If you are wondering whether there is actually any need of a designer in Kerala, think again! Globalization has made big changes in its society, culture and landscape. And you cannot ignore the fact that Kerala has one of the highest literacy rates. Thus as a result, every home owner is well aware of useful designing and its benefits in the long run.

The tropical climate is humid and at times, hot. But, on the plus side, there is a lot of lush greens. This provides the land with a lot of resources- water, land and otherwise. Like with any other place, the traditional construction and interiors have made good use of these. For example, you can see wide use of laterite stones in construction, over modular bricks. No wonder, since it is available abundantly in the state. Moreover, it suits the local climate patterns quite well. One can also find a lot of ceramics (such as roof tiles) and timber products in Kerala homes.

The average Kerala citizen is keen on protecting his/her ecological resources. Hence, home owners want you to preserve and improve the local ecology when you design their houses. They are quite aware of new developments in the field. Thus, people have an easy approach to new materials. There are many who expect you to know all things new in construction market. And so, as a designer it is always exciting to learn and apply new things.

The society is a mix of people from different religions and cultures. And many apply their religious and cultural beliefs to their homes. This adds variety to your design portfolio. A person may prefer traditional Kerala interior. Another family might ask for a Moroccan interior. A bachelor may look for simplicity in his studio apartment. See what I mean here?

Just visit any random supermarket in Kerala. Next to the billing counter, you can see many design magazines on a stand. This gives you a fair idea about the importance of Interiors in the state. And don’t think the designing is limited to public areas. In fact, many people want the latest modular kitchens with trending equipments. Also, there are many who want spa bathrooms! So,the next time, think Kerala when when you think about luxurious settings and decors!

Now, the real question is, how to become a successful interior designer? Apart from the tips in the blog, you should also know your location quite well. Put yourself into regular market surveys. Attend design- related events and competitions. Also,make sure that you are market ready for the profession. And how will you do that?

The answer is quite simple- Join an Interior Design Institute.  No, not just any college, but a premium one. Of course, your next question is, how to decide on it? Read ‘best interior design institute in calicut‘. Interior Design in Kerala is huge!  Choose the best place to study the art in the state. And you can make it big in the field of Interior Design in Kerala.

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