By: March 14th, 2017

One girl’s passion draws her to the doorstep of her dream.

On the occasion of the 103rd Women’s Day celebrations switching the spot light on Rose Mary Lillu (BMMC 2012/ 2015 batch – Vismayam College of Art & Media)


For, that is where Rose Mary Lillu finds herself today, a position in the Malayalam movie industry where women rarely, if ever, have set foot, and even more rarer, to have succeeded in the effort. Today, Rose Mary is an online movie poster designer by profession and has already contributed to film projects like Vettah, Rajamma@yahoo, Aakashavaani, Darwinte Parinamam, Amar Akbar Antony, Rani Padmini, Charlie, Anarkali, Enu Ninte Moideen, Premam and so on. She was involved in creating the first look posters of movies for the social media, even before shooting actually began and invariably solicited ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ from movie fans that helped to set up a pleasant pre-launch environment for the movie. It is no mean task to land big banners in movies that go on to become mega hits and rub shoulders with experts from the industry, but Rose Mary seems to have pulled it off with aplomb. The quality of her work has left an indelible mark in the field of poster designing in the Malayalam cinema industry.



As a child she used to be passionate about drawing that later drove her to join Vismayam College of Art and Media in Calicut to pursue Media studies and take the BMMC degree course from there. On turning 20 years she started freelancing. After College she joined a private designing firm in Kochi and it was here that she happened to do a digital painting work with cine artiste, Neeraj Madhav. This was also the time when 2D posters were popular and Rose Marie’s specialization in caricature art work made her an instant hit on the circuit.
In one and a half years Rose Mary appears to have established her mettle in the industry and poised to explore more opportunities from Kochi. She also ventured into Story Board drawing. The recent movie ‘Nishan Kasper, directed by Shyam Kumar, has characters created by Rose Mary. The idiosyncrasies and mannerisms of each character is brilliantly conveyed through her art work. Another movie on the anvil pending release is ‘3 Musketeers of Kishkind’. She has also drawn story boards for short films like Escape, Birthday and Red drops. Besides digital painting she also indulges in doodle art, mural painting, polygon art, oil painting and wedding caricature invitations.

Rose Mary is the second daughter in her family who hails from Pulikurumba in Kannnur. Her brother, Abin, works in Dubai. Her father is Sebastian and mother, Elsamma. Apart from the burning ambition and deep sense of direction that propels her career forward, Rose Marie claims “the huge support of friends and family is the chief driving factor in my achievements”.
So the message Ms. Lillu enacts in her life for all the young feminine generation to emulate is “when passion and skill work together, expect a MASTERPIECE.”





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