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    In the past, the term ‘Design’ had been frequently associated with Fine Arts and drawing skills. Naturally, a skilled designer was expected to be ‘gifted’ enough to materialize the imagination and concepts with a high degree of precision in every... Read More
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    What is Graphic Design?

    Graphic design, famously named as COMMUNICATION DESIGN, is a form of creating and developing content using visual and text content.  Appropriate use of text and images bring our best graphic designs. The basic elements of graphic design are Lines, Shape,... Read More
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    All companies these days want to know the tastes, likes, dislikes, hobbies etc about a customer before they want launch a product. To help them in this stage, a professional steps in and help and guides them. He is called... Read More
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    A Public Relations Manager holds a key position in each and every field he works in. He is considered to be the nucleus of an organization.  The public relations manager deals not with the products but with the employers or... Read More
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    Media directors are those professionals who are responsible for overseeing the media related activities that have been created to arouse the interest in the products, brands and services of a particular company. Media directors are usually found at departments related... Read More
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    A person solely in charge of directing and planning advertising campaigns and promotional events for companies are called ADVERTISING MANAGERS. They take up the role in order to create interest and awareness about a particular product. Their group usually comprises... Read More
  • Marketing and Promotions manager, though different people, have to perform almost the same duties. Their main duties are to arouse interest and excitement in a product and its related services. Their co workers mainly comprise of financial team, art team and sales team. They usually work with staff of various departments and respective department heads. They sit and discuss topics which include new contracts, contracts renewal, marketing and promotional planning and media advertising. They also negotiate with customers accordingly. They decide upon the medium of advertising, like social media, tv,radio ,newspaper etc. If they have to use websites they sit and evaluate the design and components to be displayed there. Pricing, etc too has to decided and negotiated by them. While experienced professionals make sure of completing duties, juniors are required to do market duties and bring in more marketing orders. They have their own targets to be achieved. While small and medium level clients are usually been handled by juniors, corporate and big business magnates are usually handled by experienced professionals. The promotions managers use mails, pamphlets, newspaper insertions, ads in internet, store ads, events etc to convince and attract customers. They also use various fast selling strategies such as gifts, discounts, samples, contests, rebates, coupons etc. The Marketing managers create and estimate the demands and requirements of a company’s and its respective competitor’s service and products. They find out the market study of a company’s products. Many organisations depend on marketing managers for developing and pricing their products and how to increase their profits and market shares values. Marketing managers also ensure the satisfaction of a customer. The team with which they have to work include, product developing team, PR team and sales team. Promotions and marketing managers should possess the following skills: Analytical Skills Creativity Sills Communications Skills Interpersonal Skills Decision making A promotions and marketing manager is required to possess a good Bachelors degree. An MBA or any related masters degree is an added advantage. Courses in laws, computers, economics, business etc are added advantages and makes work easy. An internship program will enable the person to understand work procedure better. Internships pave way to better employment. Some students are bound to get placed in the same company where they do their internship. Marketing and promotions professionals are usually paid very high salaries. In huge corporate, even fresher’s are paid in five figures. In normal companies, a fresher is paid somewhere between 10000-15000 while experienced professional are paid exorbitant salary. They also earn more through incentives and bonuses.

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    Marketing and Promotions manager, though different people, have to perform almost the same duties. Their main duties are to arouse interest and excitement in a product and its related services. Their co workers mainly comprise of financial team, art team... Read More
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    Marketing done through websites, social media, emails, search engines, mobiles etc are called DIGITAL MARKETING. The success of DIGITAL MARKETING has taken a giant leap in the last few years as uses of internet and digital channels like social media,... Read More
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    A social media manager is a person who takes care of a company’s involvement in the social media. He is usually responsible for advertising and social marketing. He plans and also sets goals. He gives leads and sales ideas to... Read More